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An output such as this book is always a result of professionals of different trades combining their knowledge and enthusiasm in order to establish a well-knit work 

of creative minds. One of the goals of this book is to bring attention to the expertise 

and talent of each professional whether they be makeup artists, stylists, photographers 

or models. Every individual has their own significant role in the creative process. The result 

of the brainstorm we had as a team during the making of this book is captured inside these book covers. The main idea of this unique book is to highlight the endless possibilities 

of creative makeup and at the same time work as a source of inspiration. Hopefully you will find the pictures of this book both interesting and inspiring.


During my career I have been lucky in terms of being able to surround myself with great talents. Also, I have always thought that as important as it is to collaborate with the best

of the best, it is equally important to support the learning process and the professional development of the new rising talents. Lights Out is a great example of combining these two aspirations.


Lights Out By JasmiinaMUA

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69,00 €Price
  • Size:  36cm x 26cm

    Page count: 104 pages

    Category: Art Photobook

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