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Jasmiina MUA makeup artist 

Jasmiina MUA  a freelance makeup artist & hairstylist based in Helsinki.

Achievements include

1st place in Finnish championships for makeup artists and

2nd place in World championships Creative makeup category. 


She works with variety of clients including privet clients and companies. 

Working experience includes working on Beauty makeup,

editorial, fashion, brides, TV, music videos, commercials,

campaigns, creative makeup, educator for beauty/fashion/creative makeup.

2017 Jasmiina became a business owner & founder of Studio Rebelicious.

She is TIGI cosmetics educator in Finland.

She loves sharing her passion so educating come to picture naturally.


"I always do my work with great passion. I love to create and be creative!"

- JasmiinaMUA

This is my story as a makeup artist.

I graduated from Makeup Artist Academy, Helsinki in December 2011. 

During my studies, I applied to a 3D facepainting workshop organized by Nick and Brian Wolf = The Wolf brothers.

In March 2012, I went to Amsterdam to study more facepainting & bodypainting. Teachers were from all over USA. Wiser Oner, Heather Green,  Margi Kanter & Mark Reid.

I arrived at the bodypainting festival for the first time in July 2012 and it was like a dream come true to me! 

I decided to sign up to an extreme fashion makeup workshop and that was the moment when I met makeup artist Einat Dan for the first time. If I only knew how much of an influence she would be to me regarding my future as a makeup artist.​ In October 2012 I travelled to Berlin to take another extreme fashion workshop by Einat Dan.

In January 2013 I travelled to California and started to study Special FX in Cinema Makeup School. The school was everything I expected it to be and even more! Teachers were all experienced and all top of their field! The head teacher of my classe was Kevin Brennan. A huge help with airbrush painting was Michael Spatola, he is really a great teacher! And with sculpting and designs I learned a lot from our School Director Lee Joyner. This experience was well worth of having!


​July 2013 at the world body painting festival I signed up for Einat Dan's workshop and I also took a workshop with Filippo Ioco.

October 2013 I participate in the Finnish Championships for makeup artists and prior the competition I took a private class with Einat Dan in Berlin. I won the Finnish Championship for makeup artists 2013!!

As a winner I was sent to Dusseldorf to compete in the World Championships for makeup artists.


I started studying in AOFM on May 2014.

We had a different teacher pretty much every day. One of the best teachers was definitely Carolyn Roper. She is a great teacher and also really talented makeup artist. One of the best teachers for hair styling was Oscar Alexander. He is not only a great teacher but also a great mentor!

​I lived in London for 2 years. Prior that time I started to work for a model agency as a makeup artist and a hairstylist. I did a few photo shoots and music videos. I did hair in London Fashion Week as a part of Oscar Alexander's team.

In July 2015 I signed myself to Einat Dan's Extreme Fashion workshop. It was a huge succes like always. Also

I did go to World Bodypainting festival to compete the very first time. I chose SFX makeup and creative makeup categories. 


In December 2016 I opened up my own studio in Helsinki.

Start of the year in February 2018 I become TIGI cosmetic educator (FINLAND). There is just one educator in every Scandinavian country so I was very very surprised and happy to get to be the main educator in Finland!

In April 2018 I competed in Helsinki Makeup Event, category "Creative Look". I got on 2nd place! I was amazed and so happy about my achievement! 

In July 2018 I signed up once again to compete at the World Bodypainting festival in Austria.

This time my categories was Creative Makeup, Purple Brush, Makeup Battle.

I got so much great feedback of my work and it was great to show my pieces of art to the big audience! 

In September 2018 I travelled to London for Olympia Beauty. They organized competition Brush Wars. This competition was about both bodypainting and creative makeup. Once again I got great feedback from judges. They loved my work. I got again priceless feedback and experience.

In October 2018 I competed in Finnish championships Creative Look and Bodypainting categories. Creative Look I got on 2nd place and bodypainting on 3rd place, with Jaana Veronika.

In January 2019 I travelled to Switzerland to compete in Swiss Creative Makeup contest. 

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